The Heart of a Warrior Journal Workbook

Whether you are going through The Heart of a Warrior on your own or as part of an Expedition Small Group, we believe God wants to draw you close and equip you for the battle.

We have carefully crafted The Heart of a Warrior Journal Workbook to make it possible for you to chronicle your journey and write down the important things God says to your heart. This Journal Workbook is equivalent to over 40 hours of counseling.  Loaded with stories from the Zoweh guide team, your heart will be guided to discover and experience the deeper truths of Who You Are, Where You Are, and The Good God is Up to in Your Life.

You can use this journal workbook with The Heart of a Warrior book or alongside friends going through the Expedition Small Group DVD series together.

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What our Workbook Users are Saying

I am in a Men’s group where we are reading and discussing The Heart of a Warrior book. We bought the workbook which is so helpful to my reading time at home. There are questions to help me relate my life experiences to the messages in the book. And there are stories from guys sharing their challenges and blessings. You will want the workbook.



The workbook is the perfect accompaniment to The Heart of a Warrior book. It makes you think deeper about what you have read in the book itself and will allow you to get a much clearer picture of your self and the journey that you are on.

Kurt & Trista