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Men want a mission… They want to make a difference. Take a look at what the book is about and why the book was written.
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What Qualities Does a True Warrior Embody? Remember… Before You can become the Warrior you must become the Beloved Son.
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True friendship is forged on a journey of the heart. We invite you to gather some friends and step up & into The Heart of a Warrior Expedition Small Group DVD series.
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The Heart of a Warrior Expedition Essentials Kit includes:

6 The Heart of a Warrior Hardcover Books
6 The Heart of a Warrior Journal Workbooks
1 The Heart of a Warrior Expedition DVD Series*
1 The Heart of a Warrior Expedition Leader’s Guide
1 The Heart of a Warrior Canvas Messenger Bag

* The DVD Series includes 4 discs with 12 sessions, plus over 50 minutes of BONUS material.



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Meet The Author:
Michael Thompson

Michael Thompson is a teacher, mentor and guide for the hearts of men and women. He and his wife Robin are the founders and directors of Zoweh Ministries in the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill area of North Carolina. Zoweh functions as both a Medic Team and an Outpost to help people experience intimacy, oneness and connectedness with God and with others.

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Discover the journey that lead Michael to write this book, why so many men are frustrated with their walk with God and more…

What Readers Experienced:

Tim, OK
"Man, I couldn’t put it down.  The Heart of a Warrior draws you in and something magical happens— God starts speaking clearly to the Heart!  This book is amazing and so well done."
Scott, North Carolina
"Just finished HW.  I cried.  It is as important as Wild at Heart was to my world.  It is what I deeply believe and how I want to be known."